These transfers are made from the Juan Santamaria International Airport or the Tobias Bolaños Airport to the hotels in the San Jose metropolitan area, including the Real Intercontinental, Cariari and Herradura hotels. These are private transfers using air-conditioned minivans. The price is per transfer from 1 to 6 pax and one way. The transfers are made by an experienced driver. The distance between San Jose and the International Airport is of 17 kilometers and it takes in normal traffic around 30 minutes. ( 10,6 miles ).

All our clients will receive automatically a Vip Service at the Juan Santamaría Airport provided by the Costa Rican Tourism Chamber inside the airport. This means that after you have done customs, a representative of this chamber will have a board with your names in order to find you. After this you will receive a sticker with Saint Germain Tours on it. This will be very helpful at the moment you reach the exit so our driver can identify you easily.

Our driver will have a board with Saint Germain Tours and your name on it. Sometimes the exit of the airport gets very crowded, so please be alert and keep watch for our board. If you need assistance to try to reach us please go to the counter of the Tourism Chamber located near the luggage claim.

There are also some unauthorized taxi drivers at the exit that will offer you transportation services and also to call us in your name. Many times they are not making the call on purpose to try to get the service. Please use a pay phone and call us toll free. Please be aware of them and if you need to take a taxi we recommend you to use the oranged-coloured taxi authorized by the airport. You can also use the pay phones located outside the airport to reach us. Dial 110 for a collect call and dial 1 after you hear the voice. Afterwards you have to give your name and the word Airport and we will answer at our office.

If you do not find our driver please make an effort to call us and please stay near the pay phones. We can reach our driver calling to his cellular phone in order to establish contact.

If you loose luggage, please give us a call so we can inform our driver that it is going to take longer for you to get out of the airport. Also, we can give you support and advice in order to continue with your itinerary. If your luggage will come in other flights in next days and you have an itinerary to follow, please authorize the airline to give us your luggage, and authorize us to receive it at the airport. In this way we can work for you in order to find your luggage and send it to you.

Saint Germain Tours Tel. +506 22905442
Adress: 100 Meters North of the Chicote Restaurant in Sabana Norte, San José

Our drivers have a cellular phone in order for you to communicate with us. We will be giving you support all the time. Welcome to Costa Rica!


At this moment all airlines in Costa Rica are demanding you to check in 3 hours before departure at the airport for your international flight. Please bear in mind that if you are traveling from your destination to the airport on Sundays, the traffic during this day can take 1 or 2 hours more than normal. Thank you.


For leaving the country you need to pay an airport tax of US $ 29.00 per person. You can pay this using colones and dollars combined as you wish or a Visa Credit Card. ( Only Visa ) Please use the government offices inside the airport to buy this tax, since there are unauthorized people selling false forms outside. This migration airport tax is a form that you have to fill in before getting to your airline counter to make your check in.